Yoga for Esperanza


Esperanza High School Football Team

Training the young warriors. The Aztecs, the Esperanza High School football team in Anaheim CA, took a leap last Saturday in training not only the body, but also the mind and spirit.

The field grass became one giant yoga mat for the the young athletes, who attended the first lesson lead by expert Raja Yogini, Holly Vernon, who shared the session for one hour after practice.

The focus was on breath, posture and poses to find the warrior within as well as the sport combatant.

Yoga can be a tremendous tool for athletes, not only to stretch muscles and ligaments, but also to find the right focus and concentration before the match or competition. Breathing techniques are designed to release pain and contractions, and can also help in containing anxiety and anger.

Namasté Aztecs, see you next time off the mat into the field!

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  1. Holly, can’t waIT TO see you on Sunday the 26th. We are going to be so happy to meet you again………Love me some Ricky xoxoxo

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