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Intimate Artist Biography Series, Laguna Beach



Laguna Gallery of Contemporary Art
December 19th 6:00pm – Laguna Beach

Join us for an enchanting evening between past and present in the world of art, culture and history.

Holly Vernon will represent the voice of Botticelli, to reveal the hidden intent behind this masters miraculous “PRIMAVERA”.

A special young artist will take us in his or her reality behind the canvas to reveal how creativity becomes art.

Macrobiotic Mediterranean treats and a special wine will relax us along the journey of these delightful stories.

611 South Coast Hwy, Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Christiana Lewis – Art Director
gallery 949.715.9604
cell 949.424.4077

Healthy homemade toothpaste


Forget about chemical products: an healthy bright smile can be achieved at home with some simple ingredients. We tried it and believe it or not, even your wallet will start smiling by saving money.

Follow Stephany in her D.I.Y. video tutorial, your best smile is just a couple of minutes away.

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Red Rock Tree Pose


Red Rock TreeFirst build your connection with Mother Earth.

Find your roots underneath one foot and try to consciously touch and feel the ground beneath you.

No matter what we do, we are always connected with Earth most of our lives, attracted by a powerful force that we forget to sense.

Now grow beautiful and powerful braches: bend one knee and place the other foot on the standing leg, opening your hips.

Extend your arms first horizontally, then all the way up above your head.

It’s time now to reach for the sky: stretch your arms and reach up extending your entire body.

Loosen your rib cage. Make space for your breath and your heart to beat free and happy.

Find your center, forget your thoughts, let them flow and go. Just witness the process…

Enjoy this peace, this is where we are meant to be.

Pure love


Holly & Grand Canyon

Pure love explodes from the heart.

It is cosmic love from the heavens above.

It is sheer beauty without a veil.

It is truth, honesty and supreme justice.

How could any man think it is all his??

Love is for all who stand in its footsteps, visible and not.

How then could one individual even imagine to posses such grandeur??