Buddha hands

SHIATSU (Japanese for finger pressure) is an alternative medicine, a prevention of stagnated energy. Hollystic Hideaway practices the Ohashi-Masunaga method which is the oldest method of shiatsu dating back to ancient times.This method includes a two year study of chinese medicine.

Imagine a body so fluid (like a pure stream): this could be your everyday feeling. We humans are made up of 70% water. To keep our system clear and pure we need to keep the torrent flowing. This is the purpose of the shiatsu treatments.

The digital pressure follows the same line as acupuncture to release and dissolve knots and blocks in the body (stagnated energy). Shiatsu is a deep tissue treatment which guarantees a positive and beneficial outcome.

These treatments provide an extra connection and support for the central and autonomic nervous system. Your system will learn the importance of proper energy distribution while feeling lighter, longer and more aware of yourself in your surroundings. Shiatsu is valid for anyone who wants to flow with life in the natural essence of their  beings.

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