jacaranda tree

A place to focus inside to guide your inner joy to the outside world.

A natural Mediterranean cooking & catering center in Laguna Niguel, California, where you may also drop in for a Raja Yoga class, Feldenkrais movement method, or a Shiatsu treatment.

Find your own special time dedicated to health, energy and wellness. Enrich your personal culture to enhance this wonderful Journey of Life.

We offer a special opportunity  to experience pure health, peace and happiness through body awareness, free movement, ancient philosophy and highly energetic yet light food.

About our Chef

HollyVernonHolly Vernon is American born. At 15 she and her family moved to Europe finishing the full high school program in Brussels. She then attended college in Switzerland. Married for 20 years and mother of 3 children, Holly’s journey led to Rome, Italy, where she lived and studied for 18 years. Her studies include philosophy, shiatsu treatments, Feldenkrais method (awareness through movement), Raja and Hata yoga, art history focusing on Italian Renaissance.

Intense focus on macrobiotic cuisine was also part of Holly’s research, a knowledge that was fully integrated in her children’s lifestyle. After opening up a Cultural Center in Trastevere (the heart of Rome), for the dissemination of healthy Mediterranean nutrition, philosophy, and body awareness, Holly was able to enhance and share her wonderful inspiring experience, creating an orientation studio based on health and culture.

Holly’s longing to return to California finally prevailed and now she’s ready to share the knowledge she has acquired along the path.