Raja YogaROYAL YOGA, UNION, STILLNESS OF THE MENTAL ACTIVITY, to further ones acquaintance with reality and finally achieve liberation. Raja yoga uses Hatha yoga as a ladder to climb step by step to the seat of the king.

So, what is this seat of the king you ask? We are all biologically made up of energy and mass (Einstein proved so  a century ago). Through the journey of life from birth we are conditioned, from family, society, media, etc, and these conditionings become our so called personalities. There’s just one thing… Who’s personality? My mothers? My fathers? My ancestors? Hmmmmmm, What about me? What about the possibility of forming ones OWN personality or fortune or destiny?

Raja yoga proposes these types of hypothesis. Learn to nurture the higher part of your soul (your energy), to lessen the least important parts (the ego)  more and more through attentive observation and sensation of the mass part of your being. We all have a purpose, a gift, a kind of obligation towards life.

Through the perseverant practices of Raja and Hatha yoga, becoming more and more in touch with you, is the map to mental and physical splendor. Clear crisp mind that is in total union with the body to bring about the unique, gifted and beautiful person that you are.