Venus Lips


Ok this is a blog about total health and nutrition… but what can we do, we love her!

Our beautiful Weimaraner has brown rice every day, just like us (…and puppy food too, of course!)

Venus loves going to the park and she’s absolutely crazy for the car sunroof.

Watch her, ’cause her lips…

Thank you Vivi: you really bring some good laughs every day!!


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  1. Hi there, wondering if your weimaraner eats a vegetarian diet? If so, if you can share some tips. We have a 1.6 year old Weimaraner and looking for vegetarian options for him. Thanks˜

    • Hello there . Super happy you enjoyed Venus . She has a regular dry food dirt . I like racheal Ray . However she regularly has macrobiotic leftovers . She thrives on grains and veggies also legumes . Enjoy your weimarreiner !!! They are the best !!!

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