Melodic Mediterranean Dinner!


Melodic Mediterranean Postcard

An Italian Macrobiotic Supper Club.

Tantalizing Italian cooking class and demonstration, appetizers, dinner, organic food, wine and music June 8th @ The Gilmores in Northridge, California at 6.30pm: an exclusive opportunity to enjoy a special menu designed by our wonderful Chef Holly Vernon.

A Mediterranean Macrobiotic Experience:

  • Velvet carrot cream w/whole grain bread
  • Hearty spring salad w/greens, fruit and seeds
  • Lasagna w/seasonal vegetables and vegan besciamella cream sauce
  • Oven baked lentils w/coriander
  • Super chocolate cake w/rosemary cream

Cooking class starts at 6:30 w/drinks, appetizers. Dinner at 8:00
9813 Beckford Ave. – Northridge 91324

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Cindy 818.624.7240 Holly 619.717.7511 Paola 760.297.0554

Make your reservation

$20.00 Dinner without wine 



$25.00 Dinner with wine



About the Chef

Holly Vernon is American born and passionately Italian by nature. After classical studies in Belgium and Switzerland, her journey led to Rome, Italy, where she lived and owned a Macrobiotic Mediterranean restaurant in Trastevere for 8 years.

Her education includes macrobiotic and healthy cooking and living, philosophy, Shiatsu, Feldenkrais method (awareness through movement), Raja and Hata yoga, art history focusing on Italian Renaissance.

Our cuisine

Macrobiotic Mediterranean cuisine (where the palate commands!) is a unique, perfectly balanced way of life through nutrition. The word itself Macro Bios means long life in Greek. This is harmony: a choice to select health to enhance life’s beautiful opportunities of awareness.

Watch a videorecipe


Melodic Mediterranean Invitation

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